Drop spine box with Perspex spine

Designed to allow full view of the spine without sacrificing stability and durability of the box—an advantage both for security and libraries where aesthetics matter. The Perspex spine can even be labeled with foils.

Client: Georgetown University Library (Washington DC)

Drop spine boxes with pressure lips

These boxes keep the contents under pressure in the right place, and/or compensate for unevenness in the binding.

Drop spine box with custom padded folders

This box was designed to house folded-up maps of different dimensions in simple folders. The foam and card padding keeps each map in place and brings each up to the same dimension, so they can be safely house in a box.

Client: Admiralty Library, Portsmouth

Drop spine boxes with shelves and compartments: for several objects each.

Drop spine box with integral cradle: store the object and the cradle in the same place.