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Historic document analysis using p-XRF: Pitfalls and Possibilities

Portable X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy (pXRF) has become a widely used analytical tool in Heritage Science and Conservation but the particular challenges and advantages of the technique for analysis of documents and archival collections are not often highlighted. Portable XRF instruments are increasingly available at many libraries, archives, universities and other institutions and conservators or heritage scientists are often asked to employ the technique to answer specific questions. The wide variety of pXRF equipment and software available, together with the complexities of interpreting data from analysis of documents can be challenging to navigate.

This workshop, held in cooperation with the Icon Book and Paper Group and hosted by The National Archives, Kew will offer presentations by four guest speakers with experience in pXRF analysis and its application to documents, opportunities for group discussions among participants, and hands on demonstrations of pXRF analysis.

Speakers will include:

Paul Garside, The British Library, ICON Book and Paper Group
Chris Wilkins, Cardiff University (PhD researcher)
Helen Wilson, The National Archives
Abigail Bainbridge, West Dean College

Fees: £50 (full Icon member) / £60 (non-Icon member)
£30 (student Icon member) / £40 student, non-Icon member)

Booking: Please visit Eventbrite.
Closing date for bookings: Monday 4 September 2017