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Conservation treatments vary widely depending on context, but in general it aims to preserve objects for as long as possible with as little intervention as possible, and with as much honesty and removability as possible. In some cases intervention is necessary, to reveal obscured information or surfaces as in a repainted piece of furniture, to maintain functionality as in the case of a broken chair or binding, or to prevent active decay such as mould damage or insect infestation or a print framed with acidic materials. We make our repairs aesthetically pleasing and sympathetic, sometimes invisible to the untrained eye, but always distinguishable to an expert so that it is clear what is original, what is a later intervention, and what is the modern conservation. Our treatments are underpinned by an understanding of conservation science and the ability to choose materials which will be as safe as possible to your objects. We also perform surveys on collections, do conservation cleaning, and give advice about preventative approaches—it's always best to spend your resources up front to keep your objects in good condition in the first place.

Our studios are in Forest Hill, London. Because treatments are never the same, it's difficult to give a guide price, so email us with images and descriptions of your object & problem and we can start the conversation. 

our conservators

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Tristram Bainbridge, owner

Tristram is a furniture conservator specialising in Asian lacquer. He has been a furniture conservator at the Victoria and Albert Museum since 2011. He is Associate Tutor for the furniture conservation programme at West Dean College and has lectured in conservation at the City and Guilds of London and Camberwell College of Arts. Tristram has an MA  in Conservation Studies from West Dean College. He is an accredited member of Icon, serving on the furniture conservation committee, and is a trustee of the Anna Plowden Trust.

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Abigail Bainbridge, owner

Abigail is a book & paper conservator. She is Associate Tutor of book conservation at West Dean College and teaches short courses in conservation, bookbinding, and letterpress at Richmond Art School, the London Centre for Book Arts and Women’s Studio Workshop (US). She has taught conservation science at Camberwell College of Arts and worked as a conservator at Columbia University and Paper Dragon Books (NYC).  She has an MA (distinction) in Conservation Studies from West Dean, looking at selective discolouration of 17th century paper, and current research is on 18th century French binding. Abigail is an accredited member of the Institute of Conservation and the treasurer of its Book & Paper Group.


Thomas van Kampen, furniture conservator

Thomas is an emerging furniture conservator with an MA in Conservation Studies from West Dean College, which focused on traditional and contemporary coatings on furniture.